Schedule of Fees - Personal

Effective December 1, 2022

Fees Applicable to All Accounts

Low Balance Fee (Single Account Relationship & Balance Below $25)

$5.00 per month

Account Research (per hour)


Account Research (per page)


Return of Deposited/Cashed Item

• Member Owned


• Third Party


• Mortgage or Loan Payment


Copy of Statement


Annual Dormant Account Fee


Yearly Remittance to State after No Member Generated Activity for 3 Years

Overdraft Fee on Electronic Debit


Stop Payment on Electronic Debit


NEACH Revocation


Withdrawal Fee (Club Account Early Withdrawal Fee)


Loan Payment Book Replacement


Annual IRA Admin Fee


IRA Transfer Fee or Closeout Fee


Notice of Government Levy


Trustee Attachment


Loan Rate Modification


Foreign Check Collection


Subordination Agreements

Per Quote

Share Draft Checking Accounts

Monthly Service Charge

No Charge

Transfer Fee (Overdraft Transfer from a Deposit Source)

$5.00 each transfer

Return Item Fee (NSF, Insufficient Funds, Uncollected)+

$30.00 each item

Stop Payment Order (per check)


Photocopy of Check

No Charge

Temporary Checks (limit of 6)


Share Draft printing fees vary with size and style of order. You will not be notified of changes to Share Draft Printing Fees.

Safe Deposit Box Rentals

3×5 Initial Fee and Annual Fee


5×5 Initial Fee and Annual Fee


3×10 Initial Fee and Annual Fee


5×10 Initial Fee and Annual Fee


10×10 Initial Fee and Annual Fee


stjeans@home / Bill Payment & Presentment


No Charge

Bill Payment & Presentment

No Charge

Stop Payment


Returned Item Fee


Self-Service Coin Machine


3.00% of total coin exchange


10.00% of total coin exchange

Wire Transfers

Outgoing Domestic

$30.00 each transfer

Outgoing Foreign

$75.00 each transfer

Incoming Domestic

$10.00 each transfer

Incoming Foreign

$25.00 each transfer

Credit Union Checks / Money Orders

Treasurer’s Check


Treasurer’s Check Replacement


Stop Payment


Money Order


Copy of Money Order


Copy of Treasurer’s Check


ATM / Debit Card Transactions

All transactions at a St. Jean’s Credit Union machine are free.

Withdrawal ATM Fee
(Per Transaction after four (4) per month at a foreign terminal*)


ATM / Debit Card Inquiries
(Per Transaction after four (4) per month at foreign terminals*)


ATM / Debit Card Denials


Copy of ATM / Debit Card Draft


Replacement Cards


Occasional Overdraft Privilege Service (OOPS)

Overdraft over $29.99+


Overdraft $10.00 – $29.99


Overdraft $9.99 or less

No Charge

Overdraft Fee Per Transaction (The daily limit on Overdraft Fees will be no more than $60.00. Member’s over the age of 65 will be charged a standard per item Overdraft Fee of $10.00)


*Some Foreign ATM Networks charge a surcharge for access to their machines. The amount of any such charges will be deducted automatically from your selected Account(s). **As set by Commissioner of Banks. This Schedule of Fee’s for all accounts sets forth certain fees and charges applicable to your credit union accounts effective 12/1/22. This schedule is incorporated as part of your membership agreement stjeans@home / Bill Payment & Presentment with the credit union. You will be notified of changes to these charges. +Members 18 years of age or under and members 65 years of age or older will be charged a per item fee of $5.00.

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