Business Lending

First, to give your business the credit you need.

Need a line of credit for working capital? Or a term loan to expand your business? St. Jean’s can provide the fast, affordable financing you need – at every stage of business growth.

All our loans offer:

Term Loans

Term loans are used to finance the acquisition or modernization of a company’s productive assets. Term loans are commonly used for purchases of machinery, equipment, furniture, fixtures and to make leasehold improvements. They may also be used for permanent additions to working capital, expansion or modernization of facilities, vehicles or other business transportation. The source of repayment is often generated by the enhanced cash flow from the assets. The loan period is determined by the productive life of the assets. For example, loans used to buy computers and office equipment will be shorter in duration than those used to purchase manufacturing equipment.

Lines of Credit

A St. Jean’s Line of Credit will allow you to borrow a set amount and pay it down repeatedly, balancing your cash flow needs with this ready source of short-term funds. A Line of Credit is simple and easy to use, and is an excellent financial tool to cover short-term cash needs until accounts receivable can be collected. It is also a great way to take advantage of supplier discounts and cover seasonal working capital needs. A Line of Credit is most often secured by accounts receivable, inventory and other business assets and is renewable annually.

Business Credit Cards

At St. Jean’s Credit Union , our industry-leading Consumer and Business credit card products offer competitive pricing combined with a full range of reward options – making it easy to select and apply for the card that meets your needs. Click here to learn more or apply online. 

To view your Business Credit Card Account online please visit My Account Access.

Here your business comes first

To find out how St. Jean’s Credit Union puts you and your priorities first, visit one of our offices, use our contact form, or call us at 781.592.5420.

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