Division of Banks

ST. JEAN’S CREDIT UNION (ST. JEAN’S), Lynn, Massachusetts has petitioned the Commissioner of Banks for permission to merge with GREATER SALEM EMPLOYEES FEDERAL CREDIT UNION (GREATER SALEM), Salem, Massachusetts. Under the terms of the Merger Agreement, GREATER SALEM will merge with and into ST. JEAN’S under the charter, bylaws, and name of ST. JEAN’S. The main office of ST. JEAN’S would remain the main office of the continuing credit union and the sole banking office of GREATER SALEM would not be retained as a branch office. Any objections or comments relative to this proposal must be communicated in writing to the Commissioner of Banks, 1000 Washington Street, 10th Floor, Boston, Massachusetts 02118 or via electronic mail to no later than February 1, 2023. A public hearing may be held if the response is considered significant or circumstances warrant such a hearing, as determined by the Commissioner. The petitioner’s application and all communications relative to this application are available from the Division by request at

Commissioner of Banks