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Convenient Services

At St. Jean's Credit Union we pride ourselves in offering the most convenient service to our membership. In addition to our wide array of products we also offer many convenient services including American Express Travelers Cheques & Gift Cards, Money Orders and Notary Service.

American Express Travelers Cheques

St. Jean's offers American Express Travelers Cheques, in various denominations, to meet your traveling needs. Regular Travelers Cheques require one signature. If you are traveling with a companion you may purchase Cheques for Two, which can be used by both individuals.

American Express Gift Cards

American Express Gift Cards* are now available at the credit union! Gift cards are available in denominations of $25, $50, $100 and $200. These prepaid spending cards are perfect for gift giving during the holidays and throughout the year! Each gift card includes a ready to give gold envelope and card for personal messaging and does not require activation, the card is ready for use after purchase. Visa Gift Cards can be used at most merchants and restaurants in the United States that accept the American Express Card, both in-store and online.

*$3.95 fee required for purchase of Gift Card. Conditions, restrictions, exceptions and fees may apply. Refer to Cardholder booklet enclosed with each Card or www.americanexpress.com/giftcard for the most updated information on these products.

Money Orders

Personal Money Orders may be purchased by members. The dollar amount for Money Orders may not exceed the amount of $1,000.

Savings Bonds

Paper savings bonds are no longer sold at financial institutions.  This action supports the Treasury’s goal to increase the number of electronic transactions with citizens and businesses. Click here to visit Treasury Direct to learn more, and to purchase Savings Bonds directly from the Treasury. 

Notary Service 

A Notary is available at all times, in all locations to all members. Please visit member services at any of our locations to inquire about Notary Service.

Sprint Member Discount 

Wireless is less for credit union members! St. Jean's Credit Union members now save 10-15% on monthly wireless bills, mobile phones and accessories plus waived application and upgrade fees. It's all possible thanks to Invest in America and Sprint! If you have Sprint as a mobile provider, or are a new Sprint customer and are a member of St. Jean's Credit Union you are eligible to receive member discount benefits. Click here to learn more or visit your nearest branch location to learn more about member benefit programs!

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*Fees may apply, please refer to the Schedule of Fees.