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Using DeposZip & Mobile Deposit
Once you have accepted our End User Agreement and have been approved by St. Jean’s Credit Union you can start capturing your checks with these simple steps:
1.  Please make sure the back of your check includes the following endorsement:
  • The words: “For Deposit Only at St. Jean’s Credit Union”
  • The Account Number to which it is being deposited
  • The words Via DeposZip”
  • On (today’s date) mm/dd/yyyy
  • Your Signature
Please Note: St. Jean’s Credit Union reserves the right to reject checks for deposit using DeposZip or Mobile Deposit which are not properly endorsed.
2. Log on to stjeans@home Internet Branch and select Products and Services Scroll down to choose EasCorp – St. Jean’s Credit Union’s Remote Deposit Partner.
3. Select Continue to DeposZip (Make sure to verify your email address). 
4. Select the account you are depositing into
5. Select your scanner (the first time you use the service you will be prompted to install a scanner control, you will only need to do this once)
6. Enter the total deposit amount of your checks
7. Write “scanned” on the front of the check in the memo field prior to scanning
8. Scan the front and the back of your checks
9. Review and submit your deposit.
Mobile Deposit
4.Follow the simple instructions on the screen of your mobile device and submit your deposit. 
That’s all! The deposit is submitted within minutes! You will be notified via email of the acceptance of your deposit within 2 business days.

Please Note:
 Please verify your deposits via Internet Branch history to make sure there are no processing errors. St. Jean’s Credit Union must be notified about any discrepancies within the allowed time-frame listed in your DeposiZip Services Disclosure and Agreement. In the event that an adjustment needs to be made to your deposit, you will be notified via email within 2 business days.
DeposZip & Mobile Deposit Support
Deposzip is easy to use from your home or office. However, if you have any problems or develop questions or concerns, our DeposZip & Mobile Deposit Support Team is here to help you. We offer 3 convenient ways to contact us:
Online Help
Once you logged into DeposZip select “Help” or “?” as you begin a transaction. You’ll see information specific to the page you are on. Within the STJ Mobile App, please click the more tab to contact he credit union at any time.
Email Support
Our DeposZip support team answers all emails received within 1 business day. Send us an email to info@stjeanscu.com with your questions or concerns and you will receive a reply back within 1 business day.
Telephone Support
It you have questions regarding DeposZip please contact St. Jean’s Credit Union at 978.219.1000 during our business hours.  Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section or St. Jean’s Credit Union DeposZip Services Disclosure and Agreement for additional information on this product.